Trash Talk: Recent AB Empties - Feb-April 2017

11:33 AM

You know what time it is: the Sephora bag under my makeup table is full, so it's time for another installment of Trash Talk, where I talk briefly about recent empties.

products mentioned:

  • holika holika soda pore cleansing cream
  • dr jart+ water drop hydrating moisturizer
  • cosrx acne pimple master patch
  • mizon snail recovery gel cream
  • cosrx ultimate moisturizing honey overnight mask
  • laneige water sleeping mask
  • kose softymo deep cleansing oil refill

😍 - love it, would rp multiple times
😎 - it's cool, maybe rp/already rp
😕 - maybe rp but not sure, bc various reasons. maybe if on sale or for a review
💩 - nrp

holika holika soda pore cleansing cream😎
Yes, this Holika Holika cleansing cream that smells like Ramune (it's really does)!!!!!. The texture is much like a traditional cleansing cream but with small, blue exfoliating beads that break down once water is ni contact with the cream. It does a good job at removing most makeup, except for waterproof mascaras, like Heroine Make's hard-to-budge mascara.

I've already repurchased because I like it best whenever I don't wear mascara, but want to double cleanse with a slightly higher pH cleanser as my second cleanser. I have yet to try the oil cleaner but I plan to, soon.

dr jart+ water drop hydrating moisturizer 😕
I've mentioned this before in a couple monthly favourites and a lot on my Instagram, but I"m finally through my first, full tube! This moisturizer caught my attention for leaving my hand where I swatched it in Sephora, for days. Claiming to hydrate instantly, my face would feel a rush of moisture, leaving it soft, but I also experienced some unexpected dryness on my cheeks after repeated use. The dryness would disappear if I switched to other products for a couple of days.

At a steeper price ($36), I may repurchase around the November VIB sale at Sephora or somewhere online, or be looking for a cream with a similar texture. Otherwise, I don't know...

cosrx acne pimple master patch😎
Yes, I suppose that means I've had this many blemishes in the past couple of months! Yeck! I gave some to my dad who has had a repeat offender appear on his nose. I like these patches because you can leave them on overnight and they stick to your face while pulling out gross pus and germs from a pimple or blemish, and making it flat. I do have the Nexcare patches now and can say (so far), there is a continual difference in performance, despite the CosRX patches containing a lesser amount of patches than the Nexcare.

mizon snail recovery gel cream😎

In the past, the ever so popular Mizon snail goo has been my go-to product for dry patches on my cheeks--it still is--but now that I'm actively taking care of my skin, I'm not seeing the same results as before. I used to have a dramatic burst of hydration and a bright brightening effect for my rosacea. Now, I do see a difference in hydration but not as much with my redness (which I'm also seeing a decrease in, after witching to a low pH Japanese cleanser) as other products are doing a better job.

I've enjoyed the results of this gel cream (Praise Snesus!) but it's time to set my sights on another gel cream, targeted more towards hydration.  ....hopefully at a similar, affordable price point.

cosrx moisturizing honey overnight mask 😕

I finally used this up! It's taken me over a year and a half (I won this from a giveaway ahaha) and while I liked it a lot, I just can't put my finger on it. Using the pack as either a moisturizer or true sleeping pack, I'd leave it towards the end of my routine. The following morning, my face would feel soft, hydrated but faintly sticky.

Maybe, I just have to purchase and just...try it again.....!

laneige water sleeping mask 😕/😍

This is one of my favourite sleeping packs and I have repurchased a good four or five times now. Thinking about that, I'm looking to make the current backup I have as my last one, and be looking for a similar pack that is priced around $10, or less.

I like having this sleeping mask on hand because no matter how shitty I've felt, my skin will look better the next morning. Even if I don't do my whole routine, as long as I cleanse, tone and put on this mask, I'm set to have gorgeous, plump skin.

kose softymo deep cleansing oil refill 😍😍😍
Until I dabble in DHC's Deep Cleansing Oil, Kose's classic ol' softymo Deep Cleansing Oil has made its humble home in the beginning of my routine for the past two or so years. Usually, I use about one to two pumps worth on my face and eye makeup during my nighttime routine, take care to add some pressure to my eyes if I've worn my HG Heroine Make Super Waterproof Mascara--it's hard to remove--and softymo does the trick. I enjoy how the cleansing oil emulsifies to a thin, milky liquid once in contact with water and leaves the face feeling fresh.

I definitely followup with a cleanser. My usual choices are a gel cleanser like CosRX's Low pH cleanser or as of late, Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Cleansing Gel (contains hylauronic acid). I also opt for gentle foaming cleansers, like Cow Brand Low pH cleanser or Tony Moly Whipping Cotton Brightening Bubble Foam (a slightly higher pH than the other two)

I've emptied this refill pouch into my original bottle and will continue time and time again to repurchase!

It's time to take out my recycling. Thanks for reading~!

See you!

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