Recent Sheetmasks - April-May ( + mini-reviews )

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Hey guys! Throughout May I've been trying my best to participate in #maymaskmonth.  A portion of these are ones that I've used throughout May, and some in the latter half of April.

Seeing as I like a tidy makeup table, I thought I'd whip up a post with some short thoughts and throw! that! trash! out!!!

my beauty diary black caviar

As I posted on my Instagram recently, the mask was nice and hella dripping essence! SO good!!!

A sheet mask selfie:

my scheming bird's nest collagen hydrating mask

I really enjoy this particular My Scheming mask: it's cooling and perfect for the summer, so far that I've experienced.

I've used three of these masks throughout late-April and May.  Each was pretty hydrating and is usually my last step in my routine, before hauling my tired ass into bed. I woke up with nice, soft skin and minimal flushing overnight.

As always, the extra essence is perfect for spreading on my neck, arms and legs!!

my beauty diary black pearl

My Beauty Diary masks are so hydrating for my dry skin. Much like the My Scheming masks, My Beauty Diary masks usually excessively drip with essence, of which the extra can be decanted for later use or just slathered on the rest of your body (which is usually what I do). Taiwanese masks are just incredible!

My favourite of the masks (so far that I've tired) has to be Black Pearl; the mask just seems to help any early morning flushing (the heat will come on in the morning and I then tend to get overheated, so flushing on my face happens).

The best of these masks so far that I've found is the Black Pearl and HA; the Natto and Collagen just seem a little less hydrating and just saturate my face. The Black Pearl especially seems to help any early morning flushing (the heat will come on in the morning and I then tend to get overheated, so flushing on my face happens).

my beauty diary natto

Similarly hydrating as the MBD Black Pearl, but it doesn't have the same results every time for me.  The Natto flavour seems to just saturate my face with essence, without actually sinking in, so I've been just using these up, with little to no plans of repurchasing.

my scheming deep ocean water saccharide isomerate mask

I did a more in-depth review of this mask recently, when I compared it to a Tosowoong mask that is also a "deep ocean" flavour. I used three of these in this period of time. Lots of essence, good fun!

...There's just something so soothing about My Scheming masks for my redness-prone skin, of the ones that I've tried so far.

mediheal e.g.t essence gel eyefill patch

I had picked up two boxes of these Mediheal patches at a local non-AB store (surprisingly), and went through the boxes pretty quickly. One packet includes a pair of gel patches, designed

It's recommended that you wear these eye patches for 30~40 mins but I tend to leave them on overnight.

While they're hydrating for my under eye area and show some very impressive results, the edge of the inner curve of the patch tends to dig into my lower eyelid, especially if I place the eye patch too far up towards my under eye area. Pro tip: basically don't wear the patches when laying down and wear them when sitting upright.

pure smile funassyi character mask - pear

This was the first time I used this mask (and a Pure SMile mask!) and gosh, I had so much fun! For a moment, I looked more like the ゆる~いチャラ、ふなっしー・・・

The mask fit pretty well and had enough essence to coat the mask but no extra. The lasting hydrated feeling on my skin was Average but the pear scent was incredibly refreshing! I just wished I had stored this in the fridge (or like had 12 more....!!)

tony moly i'm real seaweeds mask sheet

Kind of stupid, but I was kind of hoping this would actually include like actual...kelp? But to my ever so slight dismay, this mask was a regular o'l cotton type sheet mask with a ok smelling essence. It really wasn't my cup of tea (I prefer the Rice one the most).

my beauty diary hyaluronic acid

I like HA but I prefer getting my fix from Hada Labo's Gokujun lotion instead. I"ve found that the Black Pearl for a while has worked the best for me, so like the Natto flavour, I'm just using this flavour to use them up!

ultrue i'm sorry for my skin jelly mask - relaxing

So far, jelly packs are a wild unknown to me, but this mask was incredibly entertaining to use, courtesy of 0.8L USA, over on Instagram. The thick jelly-like essence that coated a thin cotton mask helped to forced extra moisture into my skin. I did spread extra jelly (like the consistency of aloe vera gel, but not sticky) onto my neck and arms--weird, but cool!

holika holika juicy mask sheet - tea tree

I have a slight love/hate relationship with these masks: they work and do provide moisture to my dry, redness prone skin but the mask itself tends to be on the thicker side of the range for cotton masks, and can be tricky to keep on the face. Otherwise, I have no quips and if I had a more consistant supply beside TesterKorea or random finding at TJ Maxx, this would a daily use kind of mask in my routine.

purederm botanical choice moisture & nourishing hand mask - peach

Oh, boy, what a treat! My hands, front, back and fingers--everywhere on my hands have been dry due to working with apparel, plastic and cardboard, and multiple washing of my hands throughout the day, at work. Science happens and even after applying lotion, my hands will inevitably become incredibly dry, to the point that my knuckles will bleed; my hands and fingers will have random cuts on them and general all-over driness.

On my days off and at night, I like to slather on exra lotion to make up for loss moisture and hydration lost throughout the week.

I used this peach-scented hand mask set while watching a K-drama. After putting the gloves on (like reverse sheet masking!), I massaged my hands and let the essence soak in. Plus, the sweet peach smell was incredible--perfect for summer. After removing them, my hands were soft and looked as if I had never worked hardcore retail! I wish that effect would stay on my hands for longer period of time though....

tsaio super firming mask

I picked up this single mask on a recent trip to the Beaverton Uwajimaya, for about $2 ea. I would've bought a full box but there wasn't one in this flavour, at the time.

I very briefly talked about this on my Instragram as part of the #maymaskmonth challenge, earlier in May and found this bad boy to be cooling and refreshing on my skin! It smelled faintly of pear and contains collagen and coix to help achieve maximum moisture to the skin. I'm assuming that with continual daily use, you'd see even more outstanding results.

I'm gonna need to suck it in and just buy a full box..... :"''D

tosowoong pure deep sea water mask

I kind of like this mask but I also kind of don't. After doing that close, in-depth comparison review to this mask and the My Scheming Deep Ocean mask, the perfumed smell of the Tosowoong mask's essence now puts me off wanting to use this ever again. The mask temporarily hydrates my face yes, but that's about it--it'll leave my face a little sticky and hot. My guess is that the perfume of the Tosowoong mask doesn't mesh well with my skin and I may have had a slight reaction to it.....

I love the mask packaging though!

my scheming apple brightening & hydrating mask

I love this mask so much that I'm willing to do a deep, in-depth review of this, and compare it to the MBD Apple flavour....!! So hydrating, but which will win...?! I'll save my thoughts for then, then.

That's all for now, guys!

Good night!

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