Sample Sunday: Four Ampoule Samples (Liole, Missha, Mizon)

10:19 AM

Hey! Today I'm reviewing four ampoules samples: two samples from Lioele, the Missha "long(er) name" Ampoule and Mizon's Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule. My goal is to find an ampoule that I like the smell, texture and consistancy of (nothing sticky!!!), get through some of my sample stash and actually write something in the process, too. 

In this post, I'm including first impression thoughts, focusing on scent, texture and colour. Anything of performance should be evaluated at a later point (for fairness) should I decide to buy the full size product--the scent, texture or colour are the key components that often hold me from buying a product, or tell me to dive straight in (the peach scent is where it's at, guys!!). Enjoy!

lioele pore clean  & tightening dr. ampoule sample

It's a clear, but watery gel--I wouldn't readily call it an ampoule. The watery gel is moist and sinks wells into the skin. It smells like lemon but not as potent as the Tony Moly I'm Real Seaweed Gel (so lemon-y??) and the slightest bit thicker than the watery consistency of Gokujun lotion.

I'm not sure about the scent so I'll pass on this.

lioele super moisture hyaluronic acid dr. ampoule sample

This is exactly the same as the previous Lioele sample, except the scent smells like sugar donuts from 1995 and only very fainty of lemon. It's more of a fresh scent.

Unfortunately, this sample made my face itch soon after applying, so no. No way. I'll stick to the Gokujun lotion for the time being to get my HA fix.

missha time revolution night repair science activator borabit ampoule sample

It's the "longer name" ampoule, aptly named because...well...that lengthy name! Why all the extra letters, Missha? Humour aside, this ampoule is slightly yellow brown and reminds me more of a oil. The smell reminds me faintly of brown sugar and cinnamon, and after applying on my face, it seems to make my skin soft--it's definitely is too early to tell for sure, though.

I have been always curious of this ampoule and am currently still looking for an ampoule in my routine. Quite a few months ago, I ordered a set of 10 samples off of TesterKorea, just to see if I like the scent and anyway. I do like the scent but so far that I've used the samples (on my seventh sachet), the ampoule seems to make my cheeks a little sticky.

mizon multi function snail repair intensive ampoule

Last, but not least: Mizon's snail ampoule! This ampoule has a very similar light, watery consistency and is also a mild yellow-brown. It smells kind of sweet, like the sugary scent of the Missha Longer Name Ampoule.  Does it work? Not sure, but I'm open to finding that out.

So with two out of four with favourable scents, I think I am ready to research further the Missha Longer Name Ampoule and Mizon's Multi Function Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule, before making a final decision and actually purchasing. I've noticed that I need an extra boost of goodies, layered between my hydrating toners and a sheet mask, but before a moisturizer or sleeping pack.

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