Trash Talk: AB Empties #3 ( + mini reviews )

10:52 PM

Hello all! I've been busy with work lately. I've also finally caught up with EXO's new comeback MV's and the new album, and also Jonghyun's new jams. I'm gonna order both album off YesAsia (I'm stocked for the new jams) but honestly, the aesthetics for both new MV's are breathtakingly, bone-chillingly amazing. I wonder how far in advance that EXO and S.M. have been planning this concept and release?

Anyway, it's that time again, where I briefly talk about my empties...primarily so I can do my recycling!! In this installment of Trash Talk, I'm sharing some quick thoughts of more than a couple products, some repurchases and some tried-and-true favourites.


tony moly pocket bunny moist mist - 60ml

Confession: I've got a major thing for peach scented products (candy, too.....) and this light facial mist basically catered to that love of mine. This mist is light and could be used year round as either a skin refresher or a lovely smelling setting spray.  The mist bottle is of course bunny shaped and absolutely adorable--part of its charm! 🍑🍑🍑

I had ordered this Tony Moly mist for about $8.73 (at the time) off of Bizaroo, through Amazon, on August 25th 2015. It arrived earlier that the expected arrival date, about a week and a half-ish after the shipping date.

I slowly but gradually used the bottle for most of the latter half of 2015, up until about very late Feburary 2016, when I ran out. I focused the mist on my cheeks and used it mostly at work, on the end of my lunch break before returning to work or in the mornings on my day off. The mist would give my face a boost of hydration--something my skin still craves when I"m at work, make-up or not--and would keep my skin soft. Plus it smelled nice.

Despite seeming like a bit of a novelty item (or how fanserviced-b would say "skincaretainment") at first glance, the Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Mist is affordable, hydrating and cute--it appeals to all audiences! I ended up repurchasing, this time ordering from YouRiShop on Amazon, on May 8th. I do want to explore other facial mists but the combined cute factor and the light peach scent will likely keep me hooked for at least another couple bottles! Gotta love the peach!! 🍑🍑🍑

A side note: I actually set this empty bottle aside with plans to use it as a regular spray bottle for a diy mist, or something--the cap screws off like a regular refillable spray bottle!

tsfc fresh gore sleeping pack samples

More than a couple of months ago, I ordered two packets worth of the Too Cool for School Fresh Gore Sleeping Pack sachet sample packets off of TesterKorea and yeah, I admit, I let them just sit in my sample stash for a while. Quite a few weeks later, I just happened to notice them and just took one and tore the top off and tried out--it's ok. It has taken me a while to grow to even liking this sleeping pack mostly because it was harder to apply and sticky. If you mix a watery lotion or actual water to liquidfiy the pack, it does spread easier on the face.

Despite the stickiness (without added water), the sleeping pack did leave my face pretty long as I didn't roll around in bed. Hell yeah for sleeping like a log!

The big question: do I want to buy the full tube? At 24.99 on Amazon or 16.31 over on Korea Depart, I'm not sure yet, but I'll just use the samples for the time being. I had imagined this pack of being less of a pale, clear but sticky goop and more of a lumpy, soft strawberry mess (living up to its "fresh gore" namesake) and smelling either like strawberry or cherry.

cosrx low ph good morning gel cleanser

I wrote a short first impressions review back in mid-April, soon after receiving the cleanser in the mail and gosh, my thoughts are still pretty much the same. I don't want to jinx this products and its results on my skin but it's pretty close to being a HG cleanser in my current routine (the shock!! the horror!!!). 

I can't believe that I've a) went through this entire tube in about a month and b) solved the skin issue around on my nose. The redness and dryness around my nose that has suddenly appeared in late Jan? Feb?? and flared up, is officially gone (for now, at least)!!! My skin in that area has seemingly went back to normal and I'm sure a lot of that has been attributed to using a lower pH cleanser AND being more gentle as I cleanse, and cleansing now with only cold water.

I will order another tube (or two!) when the price drops again on Amazon and report back with a more, in-depth review!

mizon snail recovery gel cream

Ah, yes...the snail goop! I talked about this back in my first AB empties post, over six months ago and now since, I've reordered two tubes very recently and got a bit...over excited and ended up going through a tube pretty quickly.  I'm waiting for the price to drop again on Amazon before repurchasing.

Basically my thoughts are still the same as over six months ago: the snail gel cream makes my under eye area and cheeks soft, is a great primer for makeup and a good non-oily occlusive for locking in hydrating layer. I notice and can feel the difference without it and I'm still not sure why/how this product works so well for me currently.  It's easy to apply and has no scent. My dream come true!

kao biore u peach scented body wash refill

Another peach item! 🍑🍑 I really do love peach scented stuff and this body wash is so lovely! I'm on my fourth refill pouch so far--it's cheaper at Uwajimaya to purchase the refill over the pump bottle by about five or six dollar.

The scent is sweet and youthful and probably does a minimal amount of moisturizing for the skin but it's just so nice when your body smells so sweet.

kose softymo deep cleansing oil

I've already went through the bottle and had been slowly adding in the oil from the refill. Now am almost through the remainder of the container of what had been in the refill but it is time to reorder another refill.

I've enjoyed how softymo seems to melt off foundation, grease, eyeliner and that stubborn mascara with ease but how to explain it...? There is an odd grittiness to the softymo cleansing oil, one that might be because of the mineral oil base but I do have to make sure I follow with a second cleanser to rid my face of any residue, so I feel clean. I can't use it everyday either; the citrus seems to be a slight problem so I alternate now with the Holika Holika Soda Pore Cleansing Cream (which is surprisingly good...?).

I don't like how I always seem to squirt the cleansing oil everywhere else except into my hand, so I can work it on my face but boy, does it remove even the hardest to remove mascara.

e choice fermented tea sleeping pack

I checked and TesterKorea is STILL sold out of the wonderful, hella cheap E Choice Fermented Tea sleeping pack!!! :(  At the time, I had paid USD$2. I raved about it on Instagram during one of the AB challenges recently and I'm still loving it.

It's a pale white, light sleeping pack that really brightens the face the following morning, and leaves it feeling incredibly soft--and it's cheap! It's everything I'm looking for in a sleeping pack! I just wish I could buy like...20 tubes. Bam, there's my TK order---whenever they're back in stock, though.

laneige water sleeping mask

I did it! I finally got through the full size jar of the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask pack that I bought myself for Christmas, and a travel sized container too.

The sleeping pack is light for year round daily use but real talk: I am growing to dislike the ocean-y floral smell a lot, so I might start to look elsewhere for a similar pack that is light but minimal or no scent.

Ok guys. that's it for now!

As I write this, I need to seriously get into bed so I can wake up at 5am to go to work at 6am, and work until 5pm. It's our store inventory tomorrow and I'm helping out with more inventory prep stuff--I'm definitely going to get #sheetfaced later tomorrow night..and even take a bath! Yesterday I walked 5 mi., just in the back room!

Good night! ٩(๑•̀∀•́๑)۶

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