[Review] Tony Moly Petit Bunny Gloss Bar (05 Peach) vs. F21 Love & Beauty Scented Sheer Lip Color Pens || 【レビュー】 トニーモリー プチ バニー グロス バー 5号 とLove & Beautyの透明なリップカラーペン 【比較】

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Hello all! Last summer??? I picked up the Forever21 Love & Beauty Scented Sheer Lip Color Pen, in Coral. Why? (I'm still asking myself that.) Basically, I'm a wild mix of intrigued (did they do it right?!) and disgusted at how F21 makes knockoff of even beauty products but doesn't take the time to say, make their own ORIGINAL line of cosmetics and skincare. What's hilarious too, is that F21 have recently been selling actual Korean products on their site (Holika Holika, Peripera, etc)

I admit, I like F21 for some of it's fast fashion but I don't appreciate blatant art theft and copyright infringement, and specifically in this case, with a superior product. I suppose the waters are muddy in the cosmetics and skincare world, in that companies are able to freely make dupes of other (often high end or foreign brand) products. But Forever21 could easily follow in the footsteps of Sephora and Ulta and also carry more (real) K-beauty in stores, thus eliminating the expansiveness of F21's Love & Beauty line, where a portion of the skincare and beauty line is very much "inspired" from other brands and very often, borrows and copies from other brands in addition (like the macron lip balms, taken from the It's Skin lip balms, or animals shaped balms, taken from Etude House's line of hand creams, etc....)

In a roundabout way, this is what compelled me to want to buy the knockoff AND the real version, and to compare the two to see how bad the knock off is (spoiler: it's bad) and why it's important to support the brands. It also brings up real issues of copyright and intellectual rights for cosmetics and skincare, state-side and abroad.

I will be comparing a Tony Moly Petit Bunny Gloss Bar, in 05 Juicy Peach to it's knockoff counterpart, the F21 Love & Beauty Scented Sheer Lip Color Pen, in Coral. For easy reference, mentions of the Tony Moly Petit Bunny Gloss Bar will be written in red and blue text for the F21 Love & Beauty version.

size comparisons + aesthetics

The TM gloss is about 1/4 in. wider and 1/2 in. taller than the L&B gloss. Because of this, the tube of product is slightly thicker and can cover more of the lips at one time (assuming then, you'd use less over a longer period of time, as you'd take less time to apply it).

The added slight thickness of the outer tube also makes it easier to grab quickly when in a rush.
Both gloss bars are retractable but the TM gloss honestly does a cleaner job of this. The L&B gloss does this too (in theory) but it tends to get stuck after a few turns and you can't twist the bar down, so the gloss had to pushed down with a finger (yeck!).....

Also, it's fun to note that the face printed on the L&B gloss (right) is actually a modified face, borrowing the wink face from the TM gloss in Juicy Apple (NOT an aff. link), but with an added bow tie on the lid of the gloss.

portability & ergonomics

Undoubtedly, both gloss part are easy to slip into any pocket a purse. The cap of the L&B gloss does tend to slip off/doesn't stay on which can lead to messes while the TM gloss cap snugly slides down in place. Both though, can be easily lost and are prone to rolling off of any surface and can fall to the floor (hell YEAH gravity).

range & scent

L&B gloss only came in one type, at least at my store at the time while the TM gloss includes 9 distinct shades, and is one of Tony Moly popular product--often this is a gateway product to people getting into AB.

F21 has listed the L&B gloss bar as "coral" but it has a fake peach...ish scent. It's peach alright, but something else is floating underneath. Like most Tony Moly products, the scent is also an experience.


The TM gloss (top) swatches as a warm, pleasant peach-y coral and while it swatched nicely colourwise, it was patch-y and goopy.

The L&B gloss (bottom) is a solid pink, despite being called "coral" and swatched smoothly on my hand and lips. Unfortunately it's practically the same shade as my natural lip colour, so I get virtually no colour payoff unless I use a darker shade in the line--it smells so nice, so I can't really complain.

Performance wise, both gloss bars are designed to be cute first, before being practical and actually hydrating to the lips. The TM gloss bar provided a thin coat of hydration (like how Chapstick would) to the lips and would be suitable even in dry, staid air climates such as work environment. I need to reapply atfer eating or drinking and the colour did not run or clump on my lips after a few hours.

There are better, simpler lip balms out there but the gloss bars are cute, and incredibly iconic to Tony Moly that it doesn't hurt to try them at least once.

The L&B gloss performed similar and it does swatch more pink on my lips than expected, but it tends to clump and spread oddly. The gloss turns gloops after a few hours on the inner rim of my lips and can even transfer to my front teeth (lmao).

price + availability

At the time, L&B gloss was price at USD$2.90 and was purchased in store at a local F21 store.  It seems now, the item is no longer available, and after some research, this version was availble in a few additional (but very similar) pink shades.

The TM gloss bar, however is available in 9 shades at a nice range on online retailers, listed below.  I ordered from Amazon, through the seller YouRiShop and I paid USD$4.55. Shipping was quick and the items (I ordered another lip item with it) arrived before the expected arrival date. Hell YEAH!!!!!

So after writing all of this, I do believe that the Tony Moly gloss bar is the clear winner in performance and scent, even though it is a couple dollars dearer (depending on where you order from).

Most importantly, I do think it opens up a serious forum on whether or not copyright laws exist for cosmetics and skincare products, especially for other markets abroad, and why/how companies are able to (wrongly) profit off of other brands successes.

See you! Goodnight~! ٩(๑•̀∀•́๑)۶

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