Quick AF Recent Drugstore Haul

9:48 PM

Hello all! I thought I'd share a quick haul from literally the day before yesterday, from my local grocery store, mostly before I let the photos sit in my camera roll for a few weeks and it becomes tiresome to write! 💦💦💦


simple cleansing facial wipes & micellar water 

I'm hella cheap (just like saving those coins!!!); there was a $2 off any Simple product the other day at my local grocery store so I bought both of these bad boys. I've never used the wipes (yet) but I've been using the micellar water for a while now--this will be my fourth bottle.

I picked up another bottle since I'm about almost halfway on my current bottle. I like the Simple micellar water in the mornings before work, especially when I'm running late and need to slap makeup on in like 15 mins tops. I can easily clean my face without making much noise, and get my day going. It doesn't need to be rinsed off and hasn't caused any issues to my redness.

The wipes should be decent--I'm hoping they won't be too drying but in the least, they could clean counter tops well (lookin' at you, F21 wipes....)..... 💦💦💦💦


I picked up some nail polishes, because two of them looked cute and other, I lacked in my collection. They were also pretty cheap! I thought they'd be beautiful, subtle colours that I could wear even at work, just to protect my nails while working freight (even if they chip!). The two Essence polishes were included in a BOGO50% off deal, and were $2.49 ea.  The LA Color polish was $1.99, at regular price.
  • l.a. colors nail treatment rapid dry top coat (clear)
  • essence the gel nail polish 57 ice cream party (peach)
  • essence the gel nail polish 77 dreaming of love? (berry red)

I'm most excited about trying out NYX's Vivid Brights eyeliner, in Vivid Red. I'm hoping that it's bright and will last a coupe of hours, at least. I'm still really itching for LimeCrime's Blue Milk and a couple other non-traditional bright eyeliners, so this is some sort of substitute...?

I also picked up two more of Wet'n'Wild's brushes (.99 to $2.99? ea.), since they're cute and just to add to my collection of this line of brushes. I picked up a foundation brush and another small eyeshadow brush (never can have too many of these!!). I relly like how soft the bristles are on my eyes and to my shadows--less mess.

Bye! 💦💦💦💦

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