First Impression Review: Etude House Vital Water Special Trial Kit

10:56 PM

This evening, as I back up my laptop so I can send it to HP tech tomorrow (issues with the fan, causing it to make noises), I thought I'd whip up a quick first impressions review on Etude House's Vital Water Special Trial Kit.  🍑🍑🍑🍑

The trial kit includes four sample sizes of the tone, emulsion, serum and an eye cream--definitely a good way to test out almost of the products the line! 🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑

After seeing promo images of the new (supposedly) peach themed line back a few months ago, I grew wary of the prices and not wanting to take the leap yet on a full size product--despite my deep interest.  I happened to see a trial sample kit of the Vital Water line, available on the Amazon for USD$9.99 (through A-Poly, with FREE shipping! Shocking!!!), and so, I jumped.  I wanted to see exactly how peach-y and daresay, vital the new line would be to my skin. 🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑

etude house vital water facial toner

This is a clear watery "lotion" type of toner that sinks quickly into the skin, soon after cleansing the face. It smells very very faintly like peach, but is not overpowering or noticeable.

I first cleansed my face with CosRX's Low pH Cleanser this evening, after showering (also lightly shaving my peach fuzz away...) and waited a bit. I then applied a small drop or two from the tiny bottle to my cheeks. I decided to just test the products on my cheeks as there is a limited amount of product and my cheeks tend to be the driest are on my on face--a perfect testing ground!

Off the bat, the clear toner is a definite full size purchase for me. It's light, doesn't smell much of anything and sinks easily into my skin, feeling revitalized and soft!

etude house vital water emulsion

Also in a cute tiny bottle like the toner, the matching bottle of emulsion is a bit thicker but has a faint floral, fruity scent. When applying the emulsion, it felt a little sticky on my face after it dried, but felt pretty relaxing.

I do appreciate how not-so-overpowering the floral scent is, compared to my Shiseido Benefiance Emulsion--one that I like to purposely forget that is in my collection. Still, it applies smoothly and sinks into my skin pretty quickly.

etude house vital water serum

A~~~a~~~h, the one I looking forward to the most!!! The serum is more like an essence: it's runny and is easy to apply to the skin, to small or larger areas. It's slightly pink tinted, more than the other products. There is little to no scent with the serum either, so it's great if you are sensitive to strong scents.

The bottle comes with a pump (I will be reusing this!!!!!); I placed one pump's worth on my under eye area and it helped to give moisture to my eye (bags).  It is really runny but made my cheeks feel so soft.

I am curious to how this serum would play out on my entire face and neck....I might need to buy the full size, now huh...?!

etude house vital water cream

Housed in a small, round container, the Pink Vital Water cream is a thinner type of moisturizer that spreads easily on the skin. It feels like an average cream until you work the cream, gently warming it to your skin.

There is little scent with the cream either, so it is pretty ideal for those with issues with strong scents, for sure! It has a faint floral scent and melts into the skin pretty easily. I tested it both on my cheeks and then on my hands (while taking the photos for this post) and on my hand, my skin is noticeably softer than the surrounding area of skin.  


final thoughts

I definitely still am digging the concept of this Etude House line. Initially, I had hoped there would be a noticeably sweeter peach scent to the products but I actually am glad there isn't much of a scent, with the exception of the emulsion. It makes the products seem simpler, like they are a single purpose product without all the bell and whistles. 

If Etude House US has any upcoming Black Friday or Holiday sales on their site, or Amazon or another site has a goo deal, I would look to purchase the full sizes of the toner and the serum. Of the two products in the Vital Water line (but not in the trial kit) I would likely give the eye serum a miss but I am interested in the wash off pack. I wish there was a sleeping pack or sheet mask to this line as well.

Thanks for reading, guys!  🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑

I'm off to clear my cookies (eat an actual cookie too), log out of a few things and pack this bad boy up. I'll be on mobile for a good few days and of course, on Instagram, as always! ✌🏼️✨✨✨

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  1. This sounds like a great line to try especially since I have oily skin and all of these products sound light and refreshing. I'll have to try them out soon. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 😄

    1. Thanks for reading! The line (so far that I've tested) is really light and gentle! If you try it out too, write up your thoughts. I'd love to read them! :D