Recent Skincare Routine - Summer 2k16

10:56 PM

Over the past couple of months, despite switching a couple of products here and there (excluding ones I had been testing for those 0.8L reviews), I think I've finally managed to narrow down a solid routine with products that actually show results.

I'd thought I'd now share my current routine which includes products that I like, and either have repurchased or plan to repurchase.  My routine is kind of short and should include a few more items, but generally I'm living in a constant state of tiredness, so this is enough for now.


if makeup:

  • kose softymo or holika holika soda pore cream
  • e.l.f. hydrating daily face cleanser
  • silicone cleansing sponge thing or konjac sponge (not pictured)

 if no makeup:
  • cosrx low ph cleanser
 ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓
  • kikumasamune high moisture lotion
  • hada labo gokujun lotion 
  • 1004 laboratory acai berry 90 protecting ampoule
  • mizon snail recovery gel (not pictured)
  • vant 36.5 advanced moisture cream
  • hada labo gokujun milk
  • laneige water sleeping pack

kose softymo // holika holika soda pore cream

Depending on what makeup I wear influence which I will use: if I use a heavier foundation then I'll use Kose's Softymo cleansing oil to help melt off the makeup, and sometimes a cushion, I'll use Holika Holika's Soda Pore Cleansing cream.

Kose's Softymo tends to feel gritty on the skin as you gently massage the cleansing oil to your grotty face, but the moment you add even one drop of water, the oil will emulsify and literally melt the makeup away. It's also particularly great at removing mascara, which I am eternally grateful for.

Holika Holika's Soda Pore Cleansing cream smells like ramune soda and is fun to use. It's like a cold cream with blue cleansing beads (......) in the cream, to help remove makeup. It does an ok job if you cleanse in the shower, but if you cleanse at the sink and use cooler water, it works better. Also, you can follow up with a slightly higher pH cleanser to help offset the residue left behind. Of course, the sweet, playful scent is what makes my day!

e.l.f. hydrating daily face cleanser

After removing most of the makeup off of my face, I follow up with a gentle cleanser. Lately, e.l.f.'s Hydrating Daily Face Cleanser has been my go-to option as it's affordable ($5 for 110ml, from Target) and is pretty gentle on my sensitive, redness-prone face. It has no scent, doesn't sting or aggravate my redness or leave my face feeling stripped. Not bad for five bucks, eh?

I will use either my hands or a konjac face sponge to help exfoliate--only a couple of days of the week do I do this--but also lately, I've using a silicone sponge that I picked up at Daiso, in San Francisco, pretty recently.

cosrx low ph good morning cleanser

I repurchased!!! I really like this cleanser for when I haven't worn makeup, or in the mornings before work, to help get my day started. I tend to cleanse with cool or cold water in the morning but with this cleanser, I use lukewarm water and gently massage my face--the back of the tube recommends tepid water.

I use a small amount of the clear gel and just relax myself while enjoying the tea tree scent.

kiku-masamune high moisture lotion

Ahh~~!  When I first started to use the lovely Kiku-masamune lotion (around late last summer), I did initially experience some light purging in the first couple of days but soon afterwards, my face was soft. I could tell the difference from when I hadn't used the lotion. I still can tell this difference!

I am still in my first bottle--at 500ml, it does take a while to finish a bottle. I will say: I hate the pump. It will squirt the liquid out a weird angle if you pump while the bottle is sitting upright, or on a flat surface BUT if you tilt the bottle forward and pump, then it'll dispense normally!

hada labo gokujun lotion moist

I tend to follow up from using Kiku-masamune high moisture lotion to Hada Labo's Gokujun lotion--another hydrating layer--and focus the liquid goodness onto my cheeks, chin and under eye area. I apply in gentle, circular motions and then pat it in.

It has been pretty hot over this summer (80~95F, hot for this temperate area.....) so sometimes I stop here, or continue with a sheet mask, since I tend to already be sweating again at this point of my routine.

I'm at the end of my second bottle (like I have about half a fingernails length remaining--I measured!) but I plan to purchase a refill pouch, instead of repurchasing another bottle.  This is the shit!!

1004 laboratory acai berry 90 protecting ampoule

I did receive this ampoule for review purposes recently from 08.L, during one of their campaigns (already done the review) so at this point, I'm just trying to use it up. I like it but during this heat, it doesn't really offer...noticeable results...but it does manage to hydrate and feel cooling on the face.

I plan to replace this product with another light, watery serum or another ampoule. Etude House's Moistfull line is kind of calling my name....

vant 36.5 advanced moisture cream

I also received this cream from 08.L, for review purposes and I really like it, but...another tub is USD 40 something???? I'm not sure if I want to take the plunge or see if I can find something with a similar texture and result.

Basically this is a lightly, creamy but watery gel moisturizer that just melts into the skin, leaving it so soft. There is little scent and it's non-greasy. And it's so hydrating--the kind that makes you feel like you've been stranded in a desert, desperately clawing at sand in an attempt to find water. The moment you apply the cream, it just awakens you face (a bit like the burst of rejuvenation after washing your face) and I want to find another product that gives that result and feeling--since I'm almost done with this jar.

laneige water sleeping pack

If I'm feeling fancy or just have enough energy to do this after some hella sweating in the odd WA heat, I sometimes squeeze in a layer of Hada Labo's Gokujun Milk but generally, I skip to a light layer of the ever popular Water Sleeping Pack, from Laneige.

I repurchased the Water Sleeping Pack from Target about two weeks ago now and I'm so stoked. I thought it was going to be 30 something, but it rang up at $24! The jar is this design and is a matte finish--it looks super sleek on my bedside table.

I will apply a light to medium layer with my fingers, over my entire face and usually slip into bed. While I work mornings and shower soon after getting home in the later afternoon, I won't start my skin routine immediately, or if I do, I'll spread out each step across the remainder of the evening, before going to sleep. With that in mind, sleeping packs right before or while I'm in bed, and intending to go catch those z's

After a sleeping pack (if I'm still awake), I'll likely slap on a sheet mask and call it a night. I usually lean towards MBD or My Scheming, despite hella sweating and general uncomfortable conditions (no AC, just fans!).

Anyway, I hope summer was a blast for you. It seems like here, the fall/winter gloom is already here so I'm ready to hibernate...with a sheet mask on!

See you!

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