Trash Talk: AB Empties #4 ( + mini reviews )

1:24 AM

Hello all! It's that time again where I look carefully at my empties (trash!!! recycling!!!) and give some short thoughts. Enjoy!

I've been trying to get through more of my products lately, especially tester sizes and samples. I want also to make sure I like something before diving into buying more or blindly buying without considering the scent or texture of the product, and regretting the purchase later on.

Here's my next round of my AB empties, with this next installment of "Trash Talk".

First, a nice flatlay:

sana hadanomy deep collagen mist

I recently did a more in-depth review of this lovely facial spray. I enjoyed the feeling the mist created for my dry face but disliked how gloppy the mist seemed and how oddly sometimes it dispensed.

I'm here to add that I've finished the end of the bottle--it's time to question whether I'd repurchase. Yes, yes, I would repurchase, but I haven't decided whether to order from Amazon or include it in a Rakuten order that I'm planning to make around Christmas time (which is bloody soon....).

cosrx acne pimple master patch

Ya, I'm nasty!
That means I got 24 zits in the  4~6

Basically, I did repurchase the CosRX pimple patches recently because I saw pretty good results. The patches would flatten those tiny (annoying) zits that would pop up around my chin or sides of my mouth like nothing, suck out the gross nasties without feeling like anything was stuck on my face. I could freely wear them at work too, on some no makeup days and take them off around lunchtime.  A++++

baviphat ac therapy & lemon whitening sleeping packs - travel mini size

For some reason, I had been saving these for a review (hat I never did lmao....) for a good while, after ordering them around Christmas 2015, from TesterKorea. I decided to use them up recently and found that, eh, they weren't as exciting as I had hoped they would be--sleeping pack-wise.

The lemon pack would be interesting to purchase in the full size but honestly, both kind of seemed average for a sleeping pack, borderline lackluster--its main selling point being the cute, fruit-shaped container. What will be hard is to find somewhere reputable to purchase Baviphat items as they are kind of consistently find online.

skinfood black sugar mask wash off, strawberry & black sugar

My first of the two was the regular Black Sugar scrub, around last summer (off of Amazon) and while I liked and used it, the lemon-y "cleaning supply" scent didn't really rub me the right way. It also was pretty rough, so you do need to be gentle and use sparingly--limit to once or twice a week, but no more! You can also use it in the shower and mix it with water to make the granules less rough.  You also may risk getting water in the tub, which is what happened to my strawberry one, towards the end (it went bad). kind of does look like poop....💩💩

I ended up purchasing the Strawberry version a couple months later, hoping it would be nicer. It was, and the scent was lovely, sweet strawberry with seemingly actual strawberry seeds in the scrub. I preferred strawberry scrub and even used it on my neck, chest and arms.

As said above, I must have gotten too much water in the tub (while in the shower) and it turned...goopy--still smells heavenly, though! I held onto it so I could smell it once in a while: it smells sweet like candy, but fresh and evokes a strong summer feeling of being out in a garden, picking fruit and wearing summer sundresses with oversized hats. (I need to make films already....)

I would definitely repurchase, and in addition, I would also pick up the Rice wash off mask too. I would like to buy at my local ULTA store, but my store doesn't and probably will not ever get the Skinfood display--it took them a good four or five months after the buzz on IG for them to have a smaller version of the Tony Moly display, so I'm fairly skeptical...

laneige water sleeping mask travel mini size

I've been leaning towards travel sized since I had purchased four of the Laneige travel kits from Target, back when they had the B3G1 deal, so I've been trying to use them up. I do prefer having the full size of the Water Sleeping Pack--I repurchased--but the tiny containers are nice for travel, or when I'm at work, on a no makeup day.

The mask pack is light and leaves the skin soft the next morning (or after a period of time) and it is close to HG for me. I don't want to jinx it and it is HG, so I'll stick with it being close.

banila co clean it zero cleansing balm mini travel size

Another remnant from that Christmas order, from TesterKorea! I have about one use left but I've enjoying seeing how quickly and easily my eye makeup can be removed, in one swipe and with little effort. Compared to Kose's softymo that has a slight grittiness before emulsifying with water, the CIZ is smooth. The balm reminds me of copha, in both texture and appearance and is gentle on my skin.

I definitely see myself buying the full size, as long as it were around the under-$20 price range--any more than that and it seem a little...steep. I like that there's no perfumed scent and how well the balm just...melts the makeup away.

neulii tea tree bha blemish control serum

I actually have used a coupe of these sample sachets but I accidentally threw them away instead of storing them away (in a Sephora bag, like a good #bblogger) for this post.  I did notice minimal results over the two days I used this packet in particular; my cheeks felt softer and looked a tad brighter.

 I do plan to decant the renaming packets into a single container, to then be able to track more noticeable results over a longer period of time of say, a week or two.  I am interested in trying out the full size and am looking into incorporating more actives into my routine.

earth therapeutics facial konjac sponge

I enjoyed this konjac sponge so much that I repurchased after this one got too dry (and developed some holes) and also picked up the corresponding body sponge! I used this more at night with the CosRX low pH cleanser and would gently cleanse my face for some light exfoliation, and for hella relaxation.

Bye, and goodnight (before I have to rewrite this post, again....)

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  1. i've had the same problem with the hadanomy mist! i recently purchased freshel's skin freshener and that mist is a lot finer and even. you can look into that if you prefer a finer mist! it cost a little more than hadanomy, but worth the price for a better spray IMO!