Review: Tony Moly My Little Pet Eye Patch

5:09 PM

Hello all!! Tony Moly, as always, offers a generous range of affordable products with its cute, fun packaging--a key element to its brand. I've been a fan of its hand creams for a while now and also the I'm Real Sheet Masks, as of late. I really love all the animal themed products too.

picked up Tony Moly My Little Pet Eye Patch fairly recently from my local ULTA store but had been stashing it away for a special day of pampering and self care. It's been especially tough at work lately (mostly physically and mentally) and while pushing myself, my immune system and skin majorly suffers...💦💦💦💦 Tonight, I decided to pull this gel eye patch set from the depths of my stash and try it out! This is will be a full review but leaning towards a first impression review.

First thing's first: I confess! I haven't been doing my full routine in the past few weeks, besides cleansing and a light sleeping pack because I've been way too tired. But in retrospect, no! You should never be too tired for self care!

When I was at ULTA recently, I thought I'd give this eye patch a go, hoping that the edges of the hydro gel patches wouldn't cut into my under eye lids whenever I tilt my head downwards, like the Mediheal ones do (for me, at least).  *fingers crossed*

The outside of the sachet has the cutest hamster that is also wearing gel eye patches--hence the name, "little pet". So cute! Tearing at the bottom of the pack reveal a smaller, plastic covering containing the set of gel patches.

Look at this cutie!! 

The back of the packet promises that dull and dark skin [will be brightened]. I'm hoping that they will just moisturize the under eye area and just feel nice, or potentially even brighten!

The two patches are the typical half moon shaped (they remind me of peach or apple slices) and are stored in a thin, plastic removable casing.

The eye patch pack contains a single set-- I paid USD$4.50 before coupon. I bought other items at the time and used ULTA's store coupon that takes 3.50 off of your purchase of $15 or more. Score--at least enough of savings to try them out once!

Just open the plastic case and one at a time, peel the surrounding plastic away from the gel patches and place on the under eye area. They are shaped for the curve to fit comfortably around the eye.

The gel patches feels cooling on the skin and actually cover a larger area than expected, out across the cheeks.

My face with one patch on, below. 

Repeat for the other eye.

The patches have a healthy amount of essence that keep them moist, so much that I kept the pair on my face for a good 40 mins. Soon afterwards, I actually ended up multi-masking by popping a sheet mask over the gel patches, closed my eyes and relaxed.

After removing the gel patches, I gently patted some remaining essence around my eyes. My skin around my eyes felt soft (cold) and rejuvenated. There is a slight sweet scent but nothing too strong. I can't smell too well right now (I have a cold) so I can't comment fully on the exact scent.

final verdict:

I have never felt so relaxed in a while. The patches definitely do live up to the claims, making the under eyes seems less dull.
I would likely buy these patches again but probably only during a BOGO sale at ULTA, or if I could score on a set of them on eBay. The price is about right for one set of single use patches, at least imported and of state-side pricing but can be steep if you plan on daily use or more than just a once-a-month-thing.

Disclaimer: This blog is not affiliated with ULTA or Tony Moly and mentioned products were purchased with blog owner's own money for personal enjoyment and for review purposes.

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