Trash Talk: Recent AB & Western Empties (Sept-Nov 2016)

11:13 PM

I'm writing this while starting a new Korean drama called Goblin. It's so incredible as so far, it's the most visually captivating story I've ever seen, in terms of K-drama. It's actually a story! There's a plot!

Anyway, I'm here to talk about my recent empties (my trash). Whatever fills the small Sephora bag by my desk, I suppose! Also, tomorrow is recycling day...


I finally finished up a full size bottle of Klorane Mango shampoo. I liked it better when I had darker hair but now that I've been blonde for a little while, it seems to dry out my hair even more. I didn't like the sweet mango scent, but ugh. I've switched to just using John Freida or Ichikami shampoo and conditioner as of late, so probably no to repurchasing. 

I got this small travel sized strong hold hairspray from a past ipsy bag and while I liked the eucalyptus-y scent, it was just ok. I don't have much interest in purchasing the full size at this time.


Pretty recently, I've went through two full refills of that lovely Biore U Peach scented body wash. I love the sweet peach scent so much--it makes me feel cuter? Basically every ie I go down to Uwajimaya in Beaverton, I will buy at least one of the refills, sometimes two. It's cheaper to buy the refill but I actually don't have the right bottle!! 15/10 will continue to repurchase!


Taking the liquid from this Kose softymo Deep Cleansing Oil refill pouch, I filled up my current bottle about two months ago. I'm about 1/3 the way down but I love the stuff! There is a citcrus scent and it can feel gritty but if you wear foundation and heavy makeup (plus sunscreen!!!!) or hard-to-remove mascara, Kose's softymo is sure way to help melt that away--so your cleanser doesn't need to work as hard. 15/10 would recommend, have already repurchased and will continue to repurchase.

Also kind of a favourite, but I got through my first bag of Shiseido facial cotton squares! While also using the Muji cotton squares around the same time, tt took me about three of four months to finally use them all up! I enjoy how soft the cotton feels when both dry and wet. I bought two of the bigger packs in my recent Sephora haul, from the November sale--they're sitting under the Christmas tree right now.

facial wipes

A number of months ago, I had picked up a Formula 10.6 trial kit (two of them actually) from ULTA a good while ago, mostly because they were cheap sand also on sale at the time. I had read that the brand recently revamped itself--it's been around since the 60s or 70s--and now, seems to fit in will with other competing brands. While using the kit however, I was unimpressed, but slowly used the just use them. These wipes in particular were literally partially dry, smelled kinda rank (not like cucumber at all) and dried out my skin. To help use them up, I held onto them and used them as cleaning wipes for the top of my bathroom counter, and around the sink! If you use them like that, they work....! Also, soft cloths, my ass! They were also rough.

I had a coupon for like $2 off any Simple product at my local Fred Meyer store at the time, so I bought another micelar water and the facial wipes--which I hadn't ever tried. In comparison, Simple's facial wipes were moist and soft on the face. While the wipes are pricey before coupon, I was impressed and would likely repurchase if I were traveling!

In the past, I've repurchased the Pond's Evening Soothe wipes multiples times but now that I've delved into Korean and Japanese skincare, I've found that they are drying. The cotton wipes feel too rough.


I"m so proud of myself! I FINALLY finished this bottle of a Bath & Body Works fragrance that I've had since my senior year of high school!!!!! I did it!!!!!! I did enjoy the refreshing peach scent of the eau de toilette but it also seemed too strong--it was sweet enough, but too much musk (if that makes sense) on top of the peach~

I also used up a mini size of a NEST perfume, the 7.5mL / 0.25 fl. oz. size. I had a duo set with Midnight Fleur and Dahlia...something, and I've used up all of this tiny bottle. I repurchased a trio set recently with this one and other other scents but I really do want the full size, if I could manage it! THe scent is so dreamy and also long lasting on me. It smells floral but with vanilla--not like air freshener or a candle vanilla--but in the wild, and carefree....? Ha, I'm rusty at picking these similes and adjectives, guys....

Thanks for reading, and goodnight! Time to take out the trash, now~

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