Monthly Favourites: November 2016 || 2016年11月のお気に入り紹介

4:15 PM

Hello all! It's the time of the month where I reflect on what I liked/used the most in the previous month! Here's my favourites from November.


My favourite moisturiser as of late (and probably of all time, as of now) has to be Dr Jart+ Water Drop Hydrating Moisturizer. Even though the back of the tube recommends to apply sparingly, I use a bit more and also apply it at least once a day.  I do take care to focus the gel cream to the center of my face, especially the apples of my cheeks. The moment after applying, the gel cream seems to spring (should I say spray?!) to live; it feels like water on the skin, as if you've just come out of the pool mid summer and have stepped into a cool room. There is a sight cooling factor, too.

From when I bought the Etude House Pink Vital Water sample kit (previously reviewed here), I've been loving this tiny ass bottle of the serum. It's a pretty light serum with a minimal scent and sleek packaging. I really want the full size, so I'm saving it for my next order on either Amazon or eBay, as it's about $12 to $14 on both places, depending on the seller--much better than the official USA division of Etude House that has it for closer to $20, not including shipping!I am hoping it works better in the summertime, as opposed to the winter.

I picked up two of the It's Skin Mini Bebe hand creams at Sephora a few months ago, and I've been using #03 Vanilla Cotton as a go-to hand cream at work. It's light but effective and lasts long--as least until I wash my hands again! The scent is gentle and relaxing--y'all know I need relaxing scent when I'm at work....!!!

makeup - face & lips

It's technically an empty too, but ya girl managed to use an entire Missha M Magic Cushion (No. 21). It's to the point that I've turned over the cushion sponge at least a good five times and have even remove the sponge and tapped a beauty blender to it, to try to draw from product from it! THis was my go-to face product for much of October and November.  I enjoyed how there was a pleasant dew on my face; the cushion was fairly long-lasting and managed to cover up most of my redness, daily. I am planning to repurchase either the refill cushion or the entire cushion again, so I can properly review it!

On top of the Missha M Magic Cushion, I'd apply a thin layer of Maybelline's Master Conceal concealer, in the shade 10 Fair, for coverage and slight highlighting on my under eyes. THe concealer is creamy and does crease like a sheet of tissue paper in a school bag, but if you set it with a translucent powder in a timely matter, it'll be ok~

For lips, my two most lip products were both Korean! First, IKPN Twinkle Lips Glow Color - N1 Glow Pink. It's more or less a tinted balm and seemingly colourless but when you swatch or apply on the lips, there is a subtle, bubblegum pink colour! If I was running late or my lips were dry at work, I would apply then and be off on my merry way.

Second is Etude House's Dear My Wish Lips-Talk OR202, which I had previously posted about on my Instagram. Long story short, I adore this lipstick and the whole line (I want ALL OF THEM!!!!). I wear this often to work and will reapply after I've eaten lunch. On my lips, the shade is a MLBB peach rose pink. It's creamy, easy to apply and I will definitely purchase a couple of other shades, so I can review them properly!


Again, Yuri on Ice!! is still my fave anime this month, and it's honestly ranking high on my list of the past couple of years!! The growing relationship between Victor and Yuri is beautiful to watch as it unfolds...and blossoms. I'm glad it isn't queerbaiting at all and the story is so beautiful.

With only 9 episodes aired so far, I'm hoping that this paves the way for more normalized non-overly -sexualized same sex relationships in anime (the cute, sappy moments)!!! I hope they get married!!!!!!!!!!!!


I've still been jamming to the same tunes, but in particular, BTS' Wings still stands out. I adore the members' talents individually and as a group. I've realy enjoyed the album as a whole, but my faves tracks are 피 땀 눈물 (Blood Sweat & Tears), Stigma, Lost, Am I Wrong, and 21세기 소녀. NAh, I really just love the whole album!

If you don't know of BTS, please give them a listen! They are talented but also very hilarious, too!

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