A Quick Note: New Air Puffs

11:38 PM

This will be a quick post, but I wanted to share something that came in the mail...and a little dose of (gross) #bblogger reality!

First things first: while I washed it very very regularly, I have still been using the same air puff that originally came with my Missha M Magic Cushion. This is two refills later, plus a refill of the Moisture version! Gross, right?

The outside seam is coming undone and the top is all stained on the puff (left) from current use, while a new, untainted puff (right) bears witness to a new chapter of its life.

In the past, I've have cleaned it, the puff returns to a white colour on the top and the water would run clear, but I could never seem to rid of the oily feeling on the base of the puff. It was subtle, but I knew.

I had been eyeing online packages of replacement puffs only recently, only because I didn't realise you could buy replacement puffs as well! Thank God for eBay! Sadly, what delayed a purchase was the prices always seemed to be a little too much for a pack of two, or for four. I saw a package of four that was around $6. I was sold--for the sake of my face and bacteria, be gone!

I think....I justified the major delay by thinking that the costs of road shop branded cushions being a little steep if you buy all the parts individually, that it's a couple dollars more than buying the entire cushion case bundle (refill + puff as well). But really, not so much! As long as you take care of the case once the initial purchase was made, you can defray the cost by only repurchasing a refill as needed, and then replacement (backup) air puffs at a lesser frequency.

Anyway, my grossness has been revealed, but no longer! I hope you are all proud of my efforts ahahaha~!

Also, I got some samples!

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