PDX Haul March 2k17 (Uwajimaya, Target, TJ Maxx)

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Hello!!!! I posted on my Instagram of my haul from Uwajimaya, and thought I'd give a more detailed haul post (and why!). Since a fair share of my stash is Korean, I wanted to try out some more Japanese products, to balance that out.

First, I've been on a very low-buy for a couple of months, so I thought I'd treat myself to couple of things, most of which I plan to review on here/IG. I've only been buying food and very minimal beauty purchases (I ordered replacement puffs for my cushion because my original one is NASTY lol) and pushing my money straight into my savings. I'm still working towards a car and I have close to 5k now.

My dad had a work commitment so I tagged along and headed down south.

【日本語あり】hello!!! so since ive been in pdx i did go to @uwajimaya in beaverton and...splurge a little...i have been on a no-buy for the most part the part couple of months & the last time i went to wajis was oct last yr? やっほー!今日はポートランドへ遊びに行ったらもちろん宇和島屋へ買い物を行ってきた。最近本当にバイトからお金を節約ながらあまり購入しなかったり久しぶりに宇和島屋に行ったんだ!来年の10月から行けなかっただけど♪( ´θ`)ノ . i wanted to pick up some Japanese skincare stuffs to try out and review for the 'gram & blahg...so i bought things lol!!! #blessed #workhardgetskincare それでブログのため日本のコスメやスキンケアの商品とかを買って欲しいんだからやっと買ってできたんだ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ 今回の#購入品 を紹介していきたいと思います。 . . Selena fresh cotton pads セレナフレッシュ . megurhythm eye warming masks #めぐりズム ホットアイマスク . biore u body wash peach + refill ビオレU もも味のボデイウォッシュ🍑🍑 . @puresmile_cosme #sheetmask (black pearl, royal jelly, vitamin, milk, yogurt) ピュアスマイル フェイスパック(黒真珠、ロイヤルゼリー、ビタミン、ミルク、ヨーグルト)✨🐝🌿🍼🥛 . cow brand low ph cleanser 🐄✨ カウブランド無添加 クレンザー . wonder collect #gudetama powder 限定#ぐでたま 版 パウダー . kouji hime mask pack & face pack 糀姫シートマスクパックとフェイスパック . #ichikami revitalizing shampoo refill #いち髪 ふんわりボリュームケア シャンプー . #kose #softymo refill ソフティモディープクレンジングオイル . mandom morning hair fix water 💦💦 マンダム 寝ぐせ直しウォーターO . @shiseido hadasui skin and body lotion #資生堂 肌水アクア . . #rasianbeauty #abcommunity #japaneseskincare #skincare #bblogger #beautyblog #instabeauty #instaskincare #コスメ #化粧品 #スキンケア #화장품 #1일1팩 #스킨케어 #마스크 #팩
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uwajimaya 宇和島屋

Typically, I only get to a local Wajis...maybe....three or four times a year? So whenever I, go usually buy skincare items, snacks and drinks, since these items last longer than perishables. The last time I was here...was probably October or so, last year (even though I went to PDX in January of this year, I didn't stop by Uwajimaya).

I do find pricing to be mostly expensive. On some items, it can be cheaper or about the same price when factoring in shipping--you really need to know your prices and/or be armed with your phone and some quick Googling skills. My favourite part is that each time I'm there, I generally see different products or sometimes, hard to find items!

 On the table/display near the beauty aisle, the range of sheet masks is different, each time. Pure Smile Art masks, some character mask and the Kouji Hime pack containing 7 masks:

The best aisle. This part usually doesn't change. (top to bottom) Soy Nameraka Honpo Isoflavone line, Hada Labo Shirojun, Gokujun lines and Sana Hadanomy.

I tested the Premium Gokujun lotion. It's ok, but I think I prefer the regular ol' moist version instead.

Love the packaging and aesthetic for Sana's Hadanomy products! I tested the Lotion and liked it but thought to wait to purchase online, to save a fair chunk of cash! I've went through a whole bottle of the mist, liked it, but thought it was a little too thick of a mist.

I actually bought this Hatomugi Skin Conditioner in an Amazon order for under $10 on a whim, instead of repurchasing Kikus, so I took this opportunity to test it. Glad I bought it (saved some cash too), since my hand is still soft in that area.

t h e  g o o d s

ac wonder collect powder - gudetama limited type

I got the gudes!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've seen these powder around on IG and blogs but never thought to buy one.After the fact, I did confirm that the powder colour is the same; the only difference is the range of character packaging. More on this powder later!

kose softymo deep cleansing oil refill ソフティモディープクレンジングオイル

This is my all-time fave to-go cleansing oil, and I hadn't had the chance to pick up a backup or another refill yet. It was under $10, so not bad...!!

cow brand low ph cleanser 🐄✨ カウブランド無添加 クレンザー

I actually had this in my Amazon cart but it was $9 something, but only an add-on itemwith a order of $25 or more from similar items. I had no other items for that work with, so it was going to be hard(er) to purchase. At Uwajimaya, this was $11 if I recall correctly, so I ended up buying it. Instant gratification!

I'm most curious about this cleanser because it's supposed to be like alcohol free, low pH, and all that good stuff. Also, I haven't seen many reviews so I thought I'd be one of the few to provide some content!!!!

kouji hime sheet mask pack & face pack

These were more or less purchased on a whim but I thought I'd give it a go, and since the @cosme ranking sticker is there, I trust that it'll be pretty alright. At least, it'll make good blog content!

pure smile sheet masks ✨🐝🌿🍼🥛

I've been wanting to buy a couple Pure Smile masks for a long time but I never could find them locally and they were just too expensive online (factoring in shipping from Rakuten, since they're always too expensive elsewhere). At 1.50 ea., it isn't exactly cheap, but it's the best I've been able to find, to date.

I picked up Black Pearl, Vitamin, Royal Jelly and Milk in the regular line, and one of the milk of the "yogurt series" line.

biore u body wash peach + refill ビオレU もも味のボデイウォッシュ🍑🍑

As you probably know, I love peach scents and also this body wash. I decided to buy the bottle (FINALLY!!!) and one refill.  I find this lovely peach body wash to be sweet scented and semi-lathering, so it isn't too much on the skin. I also discovered after many months of use that it's actually low pH, as stated on the bottle !!!

ichikami revitalizing shampoo refill  いち髪 ふんわりボリュームケア シャンプー

I'm almost through my original bottle of Ichikami Rice Bran Shampoo. I want to repurchase but Wajis was out of stock of the refill for $11 and I also want to change it up. I went with the shampoo refill for the "Revilatizing" type, instead.

mandom morning hair fix water 💦💦 マンダム 寝ぐせ直しウォーターO

I'm not familiar at all with the brand but I tried the tester and immediately, my hair felt flattened and less frizzy. Plus, there was a very light, minimal scent. I was sold!

shiseido hadasui skin and body lotion #資生堂 肌水アクア

I wanted to try the other types of this line, so I tried out the tester and liked it straight away. I already have the other Hadasui (spray type) that's in the white label.

This mineral water version has almost no scent and feels extremely light on the skin. I'm getting prepared for a hot, dry summer and this might be a good setting spray for any makeup, one that can double as a cooling facial mist.

selena fresh cotton pads セレナフレッシュ

I picked these up on a whim (last packet!) for $2.50 because I wanted to have a second lot of cotton pads, mostly so I'm not running through the Shiseido cotton square too quickly....

tj maxx

I didn't really expect to find anything (I never do lol) so I ended up spotting a couple of items at the Beaverton TJ Maxx. It was so busy (but nice weather!!) so the store was filled with a lot of bodies, hungry for some bargains. As always, I made a beeline for the skincare/beauty area, and looked around.

I did see a couple of Berrisom lip cushions; one was missing the product and another two looked like they'd been swatched too many times.

I swung by the sheet mask area and scored these goodies:
  • koelf cosmetic gold royal jelly hyro mask pack
  • the face shop the solution hydrating face mask - hyaluronic acid
  • candy o' lady holiday candy bucket 7 sheets

asian food market

I did stop into the Asian Food Market in the same strip mall as TJ Maxx, since usually they also have some cool stuff. Including a variant of Kinder Surprise Eggs, called Kinder Joy. Why chocolate needs to be gendered, though....I'm not so sure.

the beauty area:

Not so surprising, but since the sheet masks boxes were 11.99, they were completely sold out except for two sad boxes of My Scheming Deep Whitening. I passed on them.

Just right above from the sheet mask area, I did see a healthy selection of MegRhythm Eye Warming Masks. At $12.49, it is a bit steep but I will look online to save $$.

kao megrhythm eye warming masks  めぐりズム ホットアイマスク

I picked up a box of the Lavender, to try out, since I've never used them before. Since writing this post, I've already used one and I really love it. No wonder these are so popular!

I did not expect to find any Laneige items on clearance. Like, at all. My two local stores still have the Laneige sections (full price), with a very limited selection of Missha and Mizon products. I spotted the serum on a clearance endcap, a couple aisles away and happy cried inside (lol). Double-checking it wasn't opened or gross inside (and there was product), I decided to go for it. I also used the remaining $10 gift card I had leftover from the last Laneige x Target deal, from a couple of weeks ago!

I ended up also picking up a Mizon sheet mask. They are marked up for sure, so if I like them, I will only purchase online, as far away as I can from any P&L influenced pricing.
  • mizon enjoy vita-up time anti wrinkle mask  
  • laneige bright renew original serum

Thanks for reading!

What have you hauled recently? Let me know in the comments below!

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