Haul: Recent Acquisitions (Sephora VIB Sale, ULTA, eBay)

7:54 PM

Hello! I did some very unexpected beauty shopping recently, so here's an impromptu haul of recently items I've purchased, from a couple of different places.

u l t a

I didn't plan to go to ULTA at all, but I was on that side of town yesterday. I had a coupon in my email for a free stila liquid lipstick, with any purchase.

Generally, I look at NYX products first, then take a look at my store's K-beauty area. This is the current setup:

Currently, there's primarily a selection of Tony Moly products, from a number of the brand's popular releases:

The most, unexpected but very exciting part: the Skinfood display, to the immediate right of the Tony Moly products!

One of the managers in the past (around the time Skinfood US and ULTA were having that competition, over on IG) scoffed rudely when I asked her whenever she may know about the store adding Skinfood to their store in the near future. She was unnecessarily rude to me, as if was a horse with three heads, that she'd "never heard of it". Now, I find it hilarious and rather ironic that here it is, in the store!

t h e  g o o d s

I picked up Skinfood Black Sugar Strawberry Wash Off Mask and the Rice Wash Off Mask, since the Skinfood items were BOGO50%. After discounts, the prices are closer to what I'd expect to pay from an Amazon or eBay seller.

The Rice one pictured is a back up, but I'll keep the Strawberry unopened for a little while.

I also bought two of the Gummy Bear Jelly Hand Creams, in Grape and Pineapple ($8 ea.), also from Skinfood. With the sale, it made the cost more...palatable.

 tony moly aloe daily fresh mask sheet
This was more or less on a whim (for the blog, tbh!) but it was $8. The mask contains ten masks, working out to be .80 cents / mask, but I'm sure it could be found for much cheaper, online.

My freebie stila liquid lipstick, in the shade Baci.

s e p h o r a

I actually went to my local Sephora inside JCP twice, in the past couple of days, for the VIB 15% off sale. Nothing really struck my fancy.

This Sunday Riley cream smells like cucumbers...and fish...? Now I know, and I will stay far, far, far away.

I will say: I've been happily sticking to Korean road shop brands lately, mostly due to affordability and reliability, especially in terms of getting fresher product and of course, a wider selection. I do dislike waiting, but prefer to budget my money better.

On the first trip, I did see the nice Dr Jart+ display and did momentarily consider repurchasing the Ceramidan Liquid, but soon decided against it because of the price (and not knowing clear expiration dates...). I did also consider the belif Aqua bomb cream, having just finally finishing a review on some popular belif products--and enjoying them, for the most part.

Later that night, I didn't see anything on Sephora.com that I wanted, or was actually in stock, besides the Son & Park Beauty Water, but I decided to postpone that until I've used my current new bottle of Kikumasamune and my other FTE, before remotely considering another toner/FTE-type of product.

But, I caved. I ended up swinging by JCP again, and just buying the Aqua bomb cream, about 1/2hr before needing to go back to the other side of town, and go to work. #priorities

e b a y

This very beautiful Peripera Peri's Ink Velvet Tint (shade #5 Inktude Rose) came in the mail the other day, too. I wanted to try specifically these velvet type to see how the tint performs once dry, later on in the dry and to see how long it truly lasts.

Long story short, I absolutely LOVE this shade and I'm planning to buy two more from this same 2017 collection--also so I can make a concept video over on my Instagram, in the very near future.

I'm going to go shower, wash my face and hair, and finish the night with my skincare routine.

Good night!

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