December 2015 ipsy glam bag (Unboxing + mini-review)

1:02 AM

Hi everyone! I'm trying my best to write about this as quick as I can, without losing motivation and letting it lapse.  As I write this post, I'm re-watching Sherlock Series 2, seeing as Christmas and of course the Christmas special, is just next week! I'm so excited for the Christmas special, and rewatching the earlier episodes is so riveting.

The December ispy glam bag is also exciting, in that I retook the quiz and changed my preferences so I wouldn't receive another mascara. (I didn't!) Also, I'm not sure of this month's theme but the bag itself is pretty cute.  There's a definite kitsch feel with the colours.

formula x nail polish - revved up

I'm a fan of Formula X, so getting this in my ipsy bag was a treat! I got the shade "revved up", a glittery champagne shade that's perfect holiday season. I already painted my nails so I can't show a swatch...

marc anthony hair care - coconut oil & shea butter deep conditioning treatment

Pretty self-explanatory but this smells so nice and I can't wait to put this on my hair.

pacifica power of love natural lipstick

I had some higher hopes for this vegan lipstick. The shade is gorgeous and while it swatches on the sheer side, it's very wearable for work, or a casual look.

Unfortunately, the smell is horrible. I don't mean like "late 90s and early 00's bad smelling lipsticks" kind of bad (which is bad in of itself), but much more of a putrid scent that makes me never want to consider putting this on my lips. It's a pity, since the colour is so pretty and is one I don't have currently in my collection.

I'm going to try to find a different (better smelling) version that compares to this Pacifica lipstick, in hopes that I'll like it more.

skinn cosmetics- sugar lips polishing scrub

I actually needed a lip scrub, so I'm very excited about this.  The scrub doesn't feel too rough, and smells so lovely.

*****UPDATE:  I put this on my lips this evening (12/21) and my lips felt like they were on FIRE. 100% do not like.

crown brush duo brow brush - c413

I'm still not sure how I feel about Crown brush since the blending brush I received in the November ipsy bag was so thin, and the fibers were falling out as I pulled it out of the packet.  On this double-ended brow brush, the quality seems better. The spooly end is pretty sturdy but the brush end is unusually stiff. 

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