ipsy glam bag Novemeber 2015 [Unboxing + sort of review]

2:27 PM

I'm late on writing this, but there's a reason. I decided I wanted to try out the products first, before slamming them.

coolway strong hold spray - 0.5oz / 15ml

Ok, initially I was annoyed at receiving a hair spray. I thought "what in the hell is this going to do to my hair? What is going to be so great about this?".  I confess: after a few tries, this hairspray isn't actually bad at all, and I've come to like it.

The strong hold that the spray claims to have is something I can't exactly vouch for but I really enjoy the scent.  It's nothing like a traditional hairspray scent--heavily perfumed or the dreaded "old grandma" powdery fresh--but instead, a truly fresh smell of tea tree and possibly...honey? It's such a nice scent that I'm inclined to try out the full size.

smashbox full exposure mascara

I'm mixed on this. Yay....for having a new mascara...but why so many? I do like having new mascara but since I currently have so many on the go right now, I decided to retake the quiz thing to eliminate any chance of not getting another mascara next month.  But still, super pleased about this--it's one of my recent faves.

china glaze nail polish


crown brushes blending crease??? brush

I love brushes but honestly, this is a pretty dodgy brush as the moment I pulled out of the packet, brush fibers fell out. The brush isn't very dense either (not that I expected it to be); it's pretty thin for a blending brush.  I compared it to the head of my Sonia Kashuk blending brush--a very similar brush--and it's very thin in comparison.  Oh well.

beauté basics gel eyeliner - navy

This also was a disappointment: doesn't swatch well despite the colour being incredibly nice in the jar. I will try it out again with a different brush and see what results I can produce, otherwise I'm going to give a miss.

Overall, not bad this month. I really enjoyed the bag itself and unexpectedly, the Coolway strong hold hairspray! I'm looking forward to next month though, of course!

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