Sephora haul - November/December - #1 ( + mini reviews )

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Hello, everyone! 💕 Today is part one of a recent online haul from 💕💕

I saw in the last few months that I was $88 away from making VIB, and I figured I would push to try to make the new status.  After a week (honestly!) of careful deciding and rearranging various items in my cart after some items were out of stock, I finally made a $50 order (before receiving the BI $15 off $50 card in the mail), on December 4th.  I received the order in the mail a few days later.

A flatlay! ↓↓

dr jart+ dermaclear micro water mini

First up! I used the online code "KBEAUTY" and got 1 of 4 sample size products. I chose the Dr Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water mini, and I'm glad I did! It's a light, micellar-esque water that I could see myself buying and using the full size.

shieseido facial cotton squares 

I had read a lot of people hype over these cotton squares over the MUJI ones, or coming back to these after using the MUJI ones and I thought I'd try it out for myself, since I have used them for a short time now and wouldn't mind the compassion.  Honestly, I understand the hype: the unbleached cotton squares from MUJI are nowhere as soft as the Shiseido cotton squares--and each is more like a rectangle!

I used my Kikumasamune High Moisture lotion with the Shiseido squares, and also the Dr Jart+ Dermaclear Micro water the following morning, and these cotton sqaures are probably going to be HG for me for a long time. 💕💕💕


klorane shampoo set

I picked this up for $15 at the time, primarily for the mango shampoo--I love mangoes! I had the chance to try out the dry shampoo in the August 2015 Birchbox monthly box and loved it, so I already knew the performance of the dry shampoo on my hair. 

The mango shampoo and its conditioner is so lovely.  The scent of the shampoo is closer to actual mangoes whereas for the conditioner, it initially smells sweet and inviting but then morphs into smelling like plastic. Despite that, the mango shampoo doesn't dry out my hair but cleans it; the conditioner nourishes the ends of my hair too without making it greasy later in the day or the following day (depending when in the day I shower).  I'd definitely repurchase--the shampoo!!!! is!! so good!!!!!!

rosebud perfume co. -  strawberry lip balm

I already have the rose balm and am like....halfway through the tin. I thought it would be nice to feed my love for fruit and to try out the strawberry version. 🍓🍓🍓🍓

It smells so lovely.... 🍓🍓🍓

philosophy holiday handbook - hand cream set

includes three (3) 30ml / 1 fl oz.hand creams:
- cranberry
- fresh cream
- raspberries

My favourites have to be the raspberries and fresh cream scents mostly for the scents. I've been keep using the fresh cream tube in my pocket and using it at work, for whenever my dry are dry and lacking moisture--which is a lot of the time. (I wash my hands a's retail, so....)

The fresh cream tube smells like...sugar? and fresh cream with a very faint undertone of citrus. The raspberry reminds me of candy and I could just slather this all over my body tbh....

first aid beauty ultra repair wash

I forgot to put in in my flatlay above....

This is my second pack: I love this cleaner for whenever I'm in a rush or my skin is acting up and it's time to go "back to basics" on my routine.  It's such a gentle formula with little foaming action and doesn't strip the skin of its natural oils, or cause a pH imbalance. 💕


- mufe hd primer sample
- ralph lauren polo fragrance sample
- sephora makeup wipes sample

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