Hair Shenanigans: Another Attempt at Becoming a Cotton Candy Princess - it worked!

11:44 AM

Good morning! I forgot to share this sooner but in January (last month), I took the plunge and finally went pink. My aim was a cotton candy pink.

To achieve this lovely pinkness, I used Manic Panic hair dye in Cotton Candy Pink that I picked up from Sally's and a TRESemme conditioner to help dilute it. In hindsight, diluting it was unnecessary, but it still turned out nicely!


From my IG stories: 


My original blond mess (excuse my roots):

The result was super cute!!!

Because I diluted the dye with some conditioner, it lightened the dye (duh) and the resulting colour.
So I became a strawberry milk princess!!! It almost lasted for about a week and a half.

It also faded well, giving my ends a nice pinkish tone to the blond.

I went ahead and purchased another tub of the Manic Panic dye, in the same colour. I had a little left over of my first tub but I plan on going pink again, sans any conditioner. I'm hoping to achieve a more vibrant pink, one that last just a little longer!

First of course, I'm going to get my roots done and dye the next day!

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