Sheet Mask Shenanigans: It's Skin Butterfly Eyes Mask Sheet

12:37 AM

Got my cup of tea and some jams primed as I write this--I'm ready!

I picked these up recently from a short trip at ULTA, back on Valentine's Day. At the time, I had a $5 off of $10 coupon to use and initially, I didn't find anything exciting. I spotted three of these bad bpys, sitting in the clearance section, for $2.75 ea. I bought those three, plus another item, so after my coupon (plus some redeemed points), the masks were .97 ea.!!!!

I thought I'd be a good beauty Blogger and blog about this sooner...than like in eight months time. So tonight, I'll be reviewing It's Skin Butterfly Eyes Mask Sheet, for the eye area.

As the outside packet describes, the hydro gel mask is meant for the "butterfly" area on the face: the eyes and extending outward on either side, in a butterfly shape. With broccoli extract, niacinamide phyto collagen and various flower extracts, the mask claims to provide moisture, firmness and skin radiance to the face. It is marked for all skin types.


water, glycerin, butylene glycol, ceratona siliqua gum, triethyl hexanoin, peg-60 hydrogenated castor oil, chrondus crispus (carrageenan), agar, xanthan gum, carbomer, allantoin, disodium edta, ginkgo bilboa leaf extract, brassica oleraceal italica (broccoli) extract, camella sinensis leaf extract, niacinamide, dicentra spectabilis flower extract, lillum tigrinum extract, bellis perennis (daisy) flower extract, fressia alba flower extract, gnaphalium leontopodium flower extract, natto gum, ascorbyl palmitate, methylparaben, fragrance

the good
  • niacinamide
  • supposed vit c
  • flower extracts - bleeding heart, daisy, liy, freesia, edelwiss

some things i noticed

My main puzzling thought: why is there carrageenan in there? Chrondus Crispus is Irish Moss and while Carrageenan, a thickening agent is derived from seaweed and moss, there is no telling whether the listing of this ingredient refers to the type of moss (carageenan moss) or the actual thickening agent. If the latter, then it's kind of disappointing to see it higher on the ingredients list, over all the actual good extracts--meaning those are even smaller percentages. Not too surprising, though because I wasn't expecting much. But I'm no botanist or chemist.

Vitamin C is found in broccoli but apparently has higher amounts after is it steamed or cooked. If one where to take its extract then why also have the ascorbyl palmitate? Does having two ingredients or extracts, containing two different levels of vitamin C, just mean...more vitamin C? Is it truly that much more effective?

On to the actual mask!

The gel mask itself is pretty durable, sitting in a plastic case with a plastic film sheet on either side of it. After removing both sides of plastic film, it ends up looks like a superhero mask. Or flimsy sunglasses?

My bare face, post cleansing:

I do have redness on my cheeks and chin...and a little across my nose bridge. I also have dark circles. Since I'm pretty expressive, I also have smile lines, the start of crows feet and a strong line extending down from the inner corners of my eyes. I am regularly and avidly seeking products that correct or help hydrate these areas, to keep them healthy.

Initially, I couldn't get the hydro gel butterfly mask to sit right on my face. The extra portion to cover the eyelids kept doubling over itself. It also seemed a little lacking in essence, but I suppose I am just used to masks being ones that are dripping in essence, no matter the mask type.

To add to the relaxing experience, I layered a My Beauty Diary mask (Black Pearl, specifically) right over the top and just listened to music for about 20 mins total. The essence from the sheet mask made the butterfly mask far better.


Afterwards, my skin was soft likely because I gave it some hydration in areas that I usually forget--I tend to apply first to my cheeks and anything left over, I just spread it out. The addition of a separate sheet mask makes the experience even better, but also gives that much hydration to your likely thirsty face. Please, quench its thirst, in these hard times!

While it's a bit of a gimmick, it's also convenient. It it worth a regular purchase? No--sheet masking would be equally as effective; you don't necessarily need a mask that is designed for specific areas (except for eye patches), but once is ok. That doesn't lessen the fact the mask worked or that it was fun/relaxing. It's also a reminder to actually properly take care of that part of my face.



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