Stuff I Bought aka A Mini Haul - March 2017 (AB + Western)

2:20 PM

Yesterday, I did some minor beauty shopping locally and very unexpectedly, picked up some a few items. I'm planning to test out each of these items individually on here, or over on my Instagram.

laneige water sleeping mask

Target currently has a deal running where when you receive a $10 gift card with any Laneige purchase, until March 18th, 2017. I did another deal with some pads, and got a an additional $5 gift card. I split some of my purchases, got a $10 gift card from the mask and ended up saving $15 on the cushion, with a second $10 generated from the cushion. I'm only a casual couponer but this was honestly the best deal I've done in a while, tbh!

 I picked up another Water Sleeping Mask because I really enjoy the results this pick gives to my face.

laneige bb cushion (fair)

Without the above mentioned sale, I would've never taken the plunge on this Laniege BB Cushion, because of its steep price. I'm cheap but savvy; for $30, I actively enjoy purchasing say four or five (or more) items that I can't readily buy stateside, rather than just one item. What surprised me is that the cushion includes a refill and that Target (not my local store, but the other one, across the other side of town aka the better stocked one lol) actually had my shade in stock.

Bless my consumerist heart.

neutrogena hydro boost hydrating lip treatment

My lips get so dry. I spotted this at work and waited to buy it while I was off the clock, later after work. There's supposedly hyaluronic acid in it so I thought I'd give it a go, just to try it out. The worst it can be is another constructive, critical review and mildly hydrated lips...*finger guns*

wet n wild color icon rainbow highlighter

The following night (I think), I was ending my night at work, and heading out of the building (I work at a grocery store). I walked by the makeup area and saw on an end cap, the new spring? collection from Wet n Wild, but most of the products were sold out.  I also saw a couple of samples for the Wet n Wild Photofocus Foundation with a $1 off coupon attached, so I grabbed two, in case I found the foundation elsewhere. 

Chobo Baby is hiding the barcode lol!! The coupon is vaild on: the Photo Focus foundation, pressed powder or concealer.

On the same end cap, I spotted one (yes, ONE!) remaining of the Wet n Wild Color Icon Rainbow Highlighters, while leaving for the night from work. I decided to buy it because there's a couple of looks I'm planning that I want a strong highlight, so this might be the best, affordable option. With my store discount, I saved a tiny bit so it was under $4.

I haven't swatched it yet because I'm saving it for a first impressions review..

Yesterday, I happened to be at the Wal-Mart across town (not my immediate local store, lol). While there, I hit up the "Asian" aisle for some tea and snacks (better selection, also v cheap!) and made a beeline across to the makeup section. This Wal-Mart has a larger selection and often, has the full collection for e.l.f, Wet n Wild and Hard Candy, whereas my local store does not regularly have the same extensive selection. It's also regularly zoned, stoppable and far less chances of broken or opened items

There, I spotted the new Wet n Wild Photofocus Foundation that was pictured in the coupon, so I picked up shade Rose Ivory, which looks like the best match. It's a pink toned shade--I'm stocked! The best part was that it was cheap: post coupon, I paid was $3.78 + tax.

wet n wild photofocus foundation rose ivory

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