REVIEW: Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-talk (Chiffon) PK 028 (SWATCHES + DEMO) (contains an aff link)

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Very recently, this cute af Etude House lipstick that I ordered from eBay came in the mail and my first instinct was to take photos and swatch!

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I don't think I'll ever understand how Etude House manages to keep churning out (cute) lipsticks with each new collection, time and time again. The brands also keeps reworking, reformulating and re-releasing these collections with new, sleeker packaging and it's plain confusing!

At the time, I purchased this along with other items from eBay seller, bringbringshop. Ordering on February 7th 2016, I paid USD$7.32, and found it on my doorstep about a week later.  Bringbring usually sends out items pretty quickly and most times, I receive them at least a week later...but no more than a week! The lipstick (along with the other two items) were tightly and safely wrapped in bubble wrap--no damages.

While I wish I could pick up a couple more shades, I usually opt for at least one from the collection, instead of like...all the shades....(sob). Since the shades of the regular Dear My Blooming Lips-talk collection (overall) are cute, I may need to buy a couple of the other shades. It seems the same lipstick line has been released as part of the Wonder Park collection, but with different, limited shades and some minor colour changes on the outer lipstick tube. A~~~ah, Etude House....please save my wallet....!!!!!!!

As always, Etude House's Dear My Blooming Lips-talk collection is split into categories, based on finish and for this collection, it's: chiffon, cream and matte. I figured the "chiffon" fit would be creamy, smooth but potentially a satin finish, or a combination of creamy and matte finishes.

The lipstick case is cute, simple design with a raised scalloped edge along the front of the case. It's easy to store in a makeup pouch or a side pocket (I had it in my vest at work) without the lipstick cap coming off. There's a small mirror area on the lid and the bottom of the tube.

A good expiry date, too!

Currently, I have the shade PK028 which in person, the bullet appears as a bright, warm rose coral pink. It's the perfect spring colour! The official swatch and promotional images, however, market this particular lipstick as a peach-y coral in the tube but a muted peach-tone pink when shown on the lips and more towards a MLBB pink nude--the latter being the whole reason for me buying this shade! :~((

On paper, the lipstick swatches exactly the same as the colour of the bullet: a lovely warm rosy, coral pink.

s w a t c h e s 

On the back of my wrist (the prime swatching area lol), this beauty swatches a little less vibrant on the skin, as expected. Feeling dry, the lipstick has a noticeably smooth, creamy application but a little patchy. Also once on the skin, it does smear easily due to the creaminess. If you desire a matte look, buy one of the shades from the "matte" fit of the collection, instead, or use a translucent HD powder to set the lipstick on the lips.

swatches, on my lips:

top - bare lips (after applying a cushion around my lips and face so there is a little foundation on my upper lip...)
middle - one swipe on each lip
botttom - blended out with a Q-tip--looks better tbh

As the photos show, the "chiffon" fit of the Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-talk reveals any and all fine lines on the lips. While it applies smoothly (before any blending), it also initially feels chalky and dry if your lips aren't properly or regularly moisturized. The lipstick does transfer and looks patchy.
 No matter if its a gradient or full lip, I recommend blending out the edges with a Q-tip and apply with a light hand, with gentle, short strokes, to avoid cake lips. Now that's a new one! PK028 also ends up looking to truer to promotional images and swatches, of a rosy pink rather than a brighter rose pink, so I'm relieved about that. But blending out the edges (even the center) eases any odd, patchy application and makes a better finish.

In terms of removal, it's easy. the Etude House lipstick is gone with a swipe of cleansing oil or a couple of swipes of a tissue.

Would I recommend this? Yes, maybe................? It's cute; the colour is wearable and it's affordable, also easily accessible from many online retailers. I wish Etude House could break out of its "Dear My ___ Lips-Talk" branding and try something else, name-wise (even with their new launch of the Glass lipstick line). But they are great at cute, princess-like packaging. I do think for the same money, you could just get a nice tint for a better gradient look! One that lasts!

For a MLBB shade or for full lip looks, definitely look elsewhere. But for these range of shades and finish, it is pretty unique of Korean brand. So with the issues of application, I'm uneasy to wholeheartedly rave about this particular lipstick. I'll get back you all when I've tried one from the "cream" line, of the same collection or the Wonder Fun Park quasi re-release.

For now, I will flail excitedly over the cute packaging....!!


w h e r e  t o  b u y

eBay - $7.83 (via bringbringshop)
Amazon - $9.85 (via YouRiShop) ** (affiliate link)
Etude House US - $12.40

Thanks for reading, and goodnight!

What shades do you have of this collection? Let me know in the comments, below~

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