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I'll keep this short and simple: here's what I've been loving or using a lot throughout February.

s k i n c a r e

As always, CosRX's Low pH Cleanser makes another entrance into my monthly favourites. The low pH is great for my skin but the most important thing (which I never seem to stress enough) is that its gentle on my eyes. I am That Person who always seems to get cleanser, shampoo or anything into my eyes--no matter how careful I am. When a cleanser is gentle enough that even when it happens to get into my eyes, it doesn't sting, then I'm a happy camper (consumer).

I cannot believe how affordable this Mizon sleeping pack is, and how long it took me to actually take the plunge and buy it! The Good Night White Sleeping Pack seemingly does an average job at whitening but I find that it just hydrates my face best, and not my pillow case!

I've been reaching for it this month mostly because I kept it on my bedside table, so I can slap something on before I pass out in bed...and hopefully save my skin (for when I'm feeling like shit + extra sad)! There's a slight medicated herbal scent, but it's pleasantly refreshing.

Another CosRX product! In an effort to use it up, I actually grew to enjoy the Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask, as either a light moisturizer or a sleeping pack. The light texture and ease of use of the pack is what drew me in, but I wanted to savour it since it can be a little pricey, so I used to only used to use it sparingly. Now, I really wish I hadn't because my skin seems to crave dat honey, so I've been dipping in!

m a k e u p

After repurchasing the right refill, Missha's M Magic Cushion is back into my pouch, permanently. I just enjoy how easy this is to apply, how I can look flawless without a heavy cake face and how gentle this cushion is on my wallet!  The dewiness is noticeable but not over the top,plus shade 21 matches my skin well, helping to turn my redness into a nice pink tone with even coverage.

I will save you from seeing the horror, I do need to purchase a new puff as my current one is...nasty. I do wash them weekly or every couple of days, but good grief, it's gross...

I just wrote about this pact in another post, but Skinfood's Peach Sake Pore Pact is a favourite for me. While it's not designed for drier skin types, I find it works best on me to help tone down a overly dewy cushion or BB cream, to help it set for longer wear and make it wearable. I also use it to set my under eyes, for when I don't want to use a white-based translucent powder. At an average USD$6 price point (online), I will continue to repurchase.

Tony Moly continually steals my heart with their adorable products (ones that actually work!); there's no doubt about that. The Pocket Bunny Moist Mist has frequently popped up in my favourites, and my Instagram. Beyond the adorable packaging, I really enjoy the refreshing mist whenever I'm dead tired at work, and need the pick-me-up on my face. The peach scent is also a nice point!

February was a short, rough month but I made do. I also made sure to keep myself looking cute with some bright lip colours. One lip tint of choice was definitely one of my newer additions to my collection: The Face Shop's Water Tint, but the Disney packaging, in shade 01 Pink.  I swipe the applicator across my lips and either smooth the edges out with a Q-tip or blot my lips. Then, I sometimes reapply a second, thin layer of the tint, in the centre of my lips, to create a gradient look.

e t c

My everyday brushes lately have been the limited collection from Wet n Wild, for eyes and face. I don't have all of the brush the collection yet (some I can't find), but the ones I do have, have lasted through usage and several rounds of cleaning. The bristles are white with pink tips and are super soft. Plus, they are very affordable at around USD$2.99 ea., sometimes less with a BOGO50% or BOGO sale, depending on the retailer and sales promotion.

Every since this pair of round glasses from eBay came in the mail, I've been so in love--they're not glasses, but just for style, and I literally paid under $2 for them! I've been wearing them a lot because I love the way it changes my appearance (I look cuter!).

Like honestly:

Thanks for reading, and good night!

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