[Review] Four AB cleansers that just are not my cup of tea...

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etude house

Sample Sunday: Etude House Moistfull Collagen Essence

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Trash Talk: AB Empties #2 ( + mini reviews )

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comparison review

[Review] Sheet Mask Shenanigans: My Scheming Deep Ocean Water Saccharide Isomerate Mask (我的心機 海洋深層水 & 鎖水磁石保濕面膜) vs. Tosowoong Pure Deep Sea Water Mask (토소웅 퓨어 해양심층수 마스크)

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Sheet Mask Shenanigans: The Week In Sheet Masks

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Trash Talk: Facial Spray Empties

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AB Haul from Beaverton Uwajimaya!!

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