Review: Isehan Heroine Make Long & Curl Super Waterproof Mascara - 01 Jet Black [FIRST IMPRESSIONS + Swatch & Demo]

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I took the plunge! I ordered the ever-so popular, Isehan Heroine Make Long & Curl Super Waterproof Mascara from Amazon on Feb 6th, from seller 100 WAYS Ship from Japan. It arrived just the other day, along with two bottles of Gokujun lotion that I repurchase (I'm so excited!!!)

I tried out the mascara, in the shade 01 Jet Black for the first time this morning and thought I'd whip up a first impressions review with some swatches + demo, and a slight comparison to another mascara that I've been using.

My lashes are long and are naturally a weird mix of a brown grey, so I usually go for the blackest mascara I can find. I'm also cheap, so I tend to stick to drugstore brands. Usually, mascara rubs off on me and gives me half panda eyes! I also can never holds a curl, no matter how long or hard I've clamped a lash curler to them beforehand.

Despite having a nice collection of mascara (drugstore and a couple high-end), I've been only reaching for Too Cool For School's Dinoplatz Mascara--only because it doesn't give me panda eyes, later in the day. The wand is too stiff and is a little hard to apply. Plus, the high price point just irks me. I had also yet to try any of the Heroine Make line, and it was time to try out a new mascara. Curiosity kills the wallet!

To put it lightly: I'm in love.

The cardboard inset describes some exciting stuff: it's super water proof, long wearing and holds a curl. There's even a small part about it being water, tear, sweat and smudge proof. The Long & Curl Mascara contains 5mm fibers that claim to further lengthen, giving the appearance of longer and full lashes.

The point is the curved wand: you are supposed to apply and sweep the wand both left and right, to help give maximum volume and curling lift to your lashes.

I curled my lashes beforehand but even when I do, no matter which mascara I use, generally mascara doesn't help lift my lashes any further OR hold the curl in place!

s w a t c h e s

The Long & Curl Mascara Super WP mascara swatches to a fairly black black on a sheet of white paper. It looks like any other mascara at this point.

When on the eyes, it's pretty black. I wouldn't say it's a Anish Kapoor level of black, but it's definitely black.

top - naked lashes,
middle - curled lashes
bottom - mascara applied
              TCFS (left); Heroine Make (right)

The mascara seemed thin but immediately--I mean immediately--after application, my lashes on my right eye were beautiful. The curl held in place! I've never experienced this ever before--usually my lashes only ever look like the left side and never like the right side with just mascara. It also dried very quickly, sans any smudging.

I mean, LOOK at this:

I only applied one coat and promptly continued getting ready for work. I didn't sweat a lot while at work but it was a little humid. The curl of my lashes was still there after I came home:

I did my usual routine of a cleansing oil to remove my makeup. I used Kose Softymo Cleansing Oil over my entire face, including my eyes and the mascara cleanly melted away.

I understand that many have issues of removal and often opt for the matching eye remover, available from Isehan. Since I used an oil cleanser to break up the mascara, there were no issues of removal.

My eyes looked and felt great:


I now understand to the depths of my soul why almost every single ABblogger on Instagram and the like, have raved and raved about Heroine Make in general; of the noticeable longevity and affordability of its products. I can say I truly and thoroughly enjoyed this mascara and will be making it a regular purchase, time and time again.

A side note--I do wish I didn't have to wait an entire month for Japanese products to arrive, unlike a week or so for products from Korea-based sellers. *sigh*'s worth it, though!

I will definitely look to buy and test out the coveted Heroine Make eyeliner very soon, too!


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