Birchbox September 2015 [Unboxing + Mini-review] || 9月Birchboxの開封 【写真】

11:43 AM

Hello all! I'm a little late on posting this as to put it....I've been a little annoyed at Birchbox and the September box.  I was and still am pretty unimpressed.  Here's some chillingly honest thoughts, and why I cancelled my subscription...

First up though, I really did enjoy the box design. The colours are so fresh and fun.

*cracks knuckles*

100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream - 0.3 fl oz. / 8ml

"Well, how cool...?" was my first thoughts.  The gentle coffee scent is a surprise, in that it actually smells like coffee, or a nutty blended coffee, but the focus I feel is more on the scent, than the performance of the product.

 I put a small amount on my eyes last night, and when I woke up my undereye area was more oily than usual, despite being softer than the previous night.  I did apply a My Beauty DIary HA mask soon afterwarrds, so the moisture and softness in my skin was probably from the MBD mask, not this eye cream.

Unfortunately, I don't think I'd plan to purchase the full size as I'm already using a few eye creams at the moment--probably a few too many!!

Acure Organics Facial Cleansing Gel Superfruit + CGF - 1 fl oz. / 30ml

The smell of this cleansing gel is simple, but not overpowering. An incredibly sweet citrus scent will hit your nostrils the moment you tear away the foil from under the cap.

The gel comes out as a slightly oily, runny, gel but as you smooth it against you skin, it turns white and start to lightly foam up.

amika Bombshell Bloout Spray - Sea Buckhorn Berry - 1 fl oz. / 29.6 ml

I'm not too big on sprays for the hair, but the scent is nice. (Plus it's always fun taking photos!!)

Harvey Prince - Eau So Divine - .05 fl oz / 1.5ml

I received a fragrance, and I'm unhappy over this.  I specifically selected that I was not interested to have fragrances sent to me. But here it is....I spritzed one drop on my hand/wrist just now and boy, it is strong!  The scent is a heavy floral scent, something that I tend to avoid. (I prefer fruity scents, or gentle floral; nothing overpowering)  I tried washing my hands and the smell is still there.

POP Beauty Pop Portfolio Eye shadow Trio - Sugarplum

Surprisingly, the three shadows swatched well and the darker two stayed on my arm for the rest of the night, surviving through work.

All up, this month's box wasn't bad but the fragrance sample kind of let me down.

Some serious things:

After thinking about many aspects of Birchbox: its pricing, limited range of just sample sizes, to it range of brands and the fact that Birchbox curates each monthly box, and it's not often tailored to it customers, I grew more annoyed.  I'm also more into K-beauty lately, and it stuck me while I was at work: "why am I subscribed to a box that has Western products??? I don't even like this...?"

What led me to cancel was that I reviewed each of my 5 samples from the previous month's box and in time, and while I received confirmation that my reviews were posted, I have not gotten any points for posting those reviews on the Birchbox website (I'm sitting at 0 points still.) Birchbox (much like fellow competitor, ipsy) will email you at several points, reminding you to review the products for points that you can pend at their online store, or to check out their online store for deals.  I kept checking back on the site but it still reads "0 points".  My five reviews are live on the site, which is what is so confusing.

As I understand, Birchbox likes to promote their items as super-exclusive or never-seen-before items, but if you just shop around online, you will find a better deal, and often, the full size product.  Birchbox's prices on their online store are inflated, likely for convenience--that the seller is located stateside and so shipping is either close to free, and wait time is little to none. This extends even to ipsy, to other subscription boxes services, and even to Sephora.

In the end, after receiving my September box, I decided to cancel my monthly subscription for the time being.  My interests have changed--preferring the results of K-beauty over statewide products and formulations--and I don't think I had fully realized it yet.

I'm unsure if I want to jump straight into Memebox either, but I'd like to try out Beautybi or beautique for my k-beauty fix!

See you!!

Disclaimer: I purchased the Birchbox monthly subscription on my own accord and am in no way, affiliated with Birchbox, or any of the brands featured in this month's curated box.  My opinions and photos are my own.

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